Katie LeSesne

Katie Le Sesne made her festival debut in 2012 as a student-interviewee, appearing in the documentary “Harmonista: Finding Festival” aired on Public television in 2013. At the time, Le Sesne was studying for her degree in Music Education at the Ball State Teacher’s College and the Hargreaves School Of Music at BSU. Her participation-in andimpact-upon The New Harmony Music Festival & School since that time cannot be fully calculated. Currently pursuing her career as a music educator, her achievements as an educator and encourager of music and creativity have garnered accolades and awards from her professional organizations (ASTA, NAME) normally reserved for those with 20 years or more experience within their field.

Drawing upon her own multi-cultural/familial experiences as well as her education, life-experiences, and long association with NHMF&S, Katie brings a unique and authentic presence to the group activities class as well as a definitive “nurturing spirit” to the student body. To put it plainly, a day in her class is like a day at the ultimate musical “spa”.
-Christopher Layer-Festival Founder & Director