The New Harmony Music Festival Live Concert Archive

The Jeremy Efroymson Music Archive was founded in 2017 by the New Harmony Artist's Guild Inc., The NHMF&S Project Fund, and The Efroymson Family Fund. The archive was created as a means of sharing the unique acoustic music events and compositions recorded at the annual New Harmony Music Festival & School in New Harmony, IN. with the listening public across the globe.
These examples of the musical “vernacular”, are archived and accessible because the founders of the NHMF&S Project feel that music, being a means of open communication across linguistic, cultural, social, and political lines, should be offered freely and without prejudice to any and all who care to support though the rebroadcast of this music who believe in a greater view, a greater understanding,and perhaps a greater mind.  In that spirit, the work of these artists and collaborators is freely-offered.
-Christopher Layer, May 5, 2018