Welcome to New Harmony Music Festival & School!

Join us for our 2022 season of concerts and events!

Dear festival friends, welcome to NHMF&S 2022! In this, our 11th year of music, we offer 4 days of pop-up concerts, outdoor music events, and folk jam sessions July 13-17, 2022.

-Christopher Layer-Festival founder and creative director: NHMF&S/NHAG

NHMF&S is a non-discriminatory organization, founded in 2011 by musician and producer Christopher Layer. Our mission is to create multi-style acoustic concerts, music workshops, art shows and films set in the unique natural settings and historic spaces of New Harmony, Indiana. We also offer annual housing and music scholarships for young people in the region and beyond. NHMF&S is an independent project of The New Harmony Artist’s Guild Inc., a 501c3 Public Charity, founded by the former Clement Biddle Penrose VII.