New Harmony Music Festival Concert at Thralls Opera House – July 14, 2012

The concert begins with music played by Paul Woodiel and Brittany Haas, playing a collection of pieces, beginning with The Beauty of the North.

The Beauty of the North and a few more pieces

Mazz Swift with Martha Waldvogel and Chris Layer on Both Sides of the Tweed

Martha Waldvogel on harp plays Katherine Oggie

Christopher Layer accompanied by Martha Waldvogel plays Bumper Squire Jones and Plenty Kelly

The End of All that is Holy, The Beginning of All that is Real, An original composition by Mazz Swift, performed by Mazz Swift, Arnaud Sussmann, Paul Woodiel, Susie Petrov and Natalie Haas.

Patrick Ourceau plays a traditional Irish Air, The Heathery Breeze

Patrick Ourceau is joined by Chris Layer on three tunes, Lucy Farr’s, Patsy Touhey, and Pinch O Snuff.

Four movements of Franz Joseph Haydn’s Quartet for Strings in D Major, led by Arnaud Sussmann

“Lark” Movement 1

“Lark” Movement 2

“Lark” Movement 3

“Lark” Movement 4

Chris Layer sings a cappella, “Shawnee Ferry” a satirical look at the State of Illinois

Chris Layer and Martha Waldvogel perform The Floating Bridge

A performance of Trolpassen by Paul Woodiel, Natalie Haas, Chris Layer and Martha Waldvogel

Tzizik Polka performed by Paul Woodiel, Natalie Haas, and Chris Layer

Toastmaster’s performed by Paul Woodiel, Mazz Swift, Natalie Haas, Martha Waldvogel and Chris Layer

Two Irish reels, Lucy Campbell’s and Foxchase, played by Chris Layer on pipes.

George Stranahan and Miss McLeod’s medley performed by ensemble