New Harmony Music Festival Concert at Thralls Opera House – July 13, 2018

Natalie Haas on cello and Yann Falquet on guitar begin the evening’s concert with Three Spanish Tunes

Dr. Geogre Wolfe on Alto Saxophone and Dr. Greg Kostraba on piano perform the jazz classic: Harlem Lullaby by Junior Mance

Patrick Ourceau plays Irish fiddle accompanied by Susie Petrov on piano share a pair of traditional Irish tunes, The Mist Coverd Mountain and The Pipe On The Hob

Yann Falquet, guitar; Natalie Haas, cello; and Christopher Layer, Irish flute perform a pair of Quebecois tunes composed by Jean-Paul Loyer, Marche Au Camp and Le Tourment

Martha Waldvogel performs Country Tune on the Concert Harp

The trio of Christopher Layer on Irish flute, Susie Petrov on piano, Paul Woodiel on fiddle perform a set of Strathspeys & Reels/Miss Rose Grant/Mr. Sweeney’s Wheel

Yann Falquet on guitar & vocals, Susie Petrov on accordion, Paul Woodiel on fiddle, and Natalie Haas on cello share their rendition of Les Habitants De Montreal by Yann Falquet and Pascal Gemme

Dr. Greg Kostraba on piano and Paul Woodiel playing violin share In A Mist by Bix Beiderbeck

Tom McDermott improvises on the piano: Ragging The Blues

Tom McDermott on piano and Paul Woodiel with his violin play the Brazillian Choro Um a Zero by Pixinguinha

The ensemble of Martha Waldvogel, harp; Dr. George Wolfe, alto saxophone; Paul Woodiel, violin; Christopher Layer, Irish flute; and festival students and staff perform the Venezuelan tune El Rio

The New Harmony Festival School Ensemble closes out the evening with a vibrant medley of traditional Irish tunes, The Rolling Wave/The Mountain Road