Susie Petrov

Susie Petrov holds music degrees from the Peabody Conservatory, Temple University and the Kodály Music Institute. After finishing her studies, she launched herself into her passion of researching and performing Scottish music. She also began teaching young people to sing and dance in school. Susie started her first Scottish music ensemble, Local Hero, with Christopher Layer and Paul Woodiel in 1990.

Since then she has appeared at dances, festivals and in concerts in the USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Scotland. Susie has given numerous workshops in playing Scottish music at Pinewoods Camp, Ashokan Celtic Week and in towns from Saskatoon to San Francisco and over the sea to Scotland and the continent.

In the late 1980’s Susie appeared onstage at the Highland Circus music festival with the Battlefield Band and Scots fiddler Alasdair Fraser in Ullapool, Scotland. That weekend’s exposure led to her work through the 1990’s as a tutor for the Feis na Gael summer music courses in the north and west of Scotland. Here was a chance to combine her day job of music teacher with her night and summer work performing Scottish music. In 2000, Susie was a guest lecturer for the Scottish Music course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Susie continues to involve herself musically with young Scots musicians like composer, James Ross.

As a master teacher, Susie presents workshops for the Organization of American Kodály Educators’ Conference. She is the Co-Director of the Kodály Music Institute at Boston University.

Susie continues to perform Scottish music with Local Hero, The Parcel of Rogues and with many of the young professional Celtic musicians who live in Boston. Her performances have take her from Blair Castle in Scotland to the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York.

Susie is currently the music teacher at the Ambrose School in Winchester, MA and she has 12 recordings and two collections of Scottish music to her publication credit.

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